About the Horizon of Reason

Hi, I am Dr Peter Prevos—engineersocial scientist and magician.

Welcome to The Horizon of Reason, a blog about the limits of rationality. In the era of post-truth, fake news and conspiracy theories, The Horizon of Reason explores the shadowland between reason and unreason, between rationality and irrationality.

Thought-provoking, playfully intellectual, rogue ideas

This blog is not about debunking the irrational. There is no point telling people that the earth is round or that aliens haven’t built the pyramids or that Donald Trump shouldn’t be president. More interesting is to find out why people think and act the way they do.

Written in a playfully intellectual style with a satirical flair, the Horizon of Reason shows that deception is deeply engrained in our experience of the world.

What is The Horizon of Reason about?

The Horizon of Reason is the place where rationality and irrationality meet. This blog translates the outcomes of scholarly research into easy to understand articles, illustrated with magic tricks.

Peter Prevos, author of the Horizon of Reason

Who does Peter think he is?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a magician but reality set in, and I went to school to be a carpenter. Even before leaving technical school, my teachers told me that I was too clumsy to swing a hammer.

Not concerned by this disappointment, I studied architecture. But alas, after one year in front of the drawing board, the lecturer suggested that I was not artistic enough to be an architect.

Not perturbed by this second disappointment I decided to become a civil engineer. During my career, I built structures, islands, harbours, bridges and pipelines around the world. Nevertheless, I decided not to be technically minded enough to be an engineer.

Not unsettled by yet another disappointment, I studied philosophy and management, and hold a Doctor of Philosophy degree in business.

My day job is managing a data science team, and I occasionally lecture marketing at the La Trobe University MBA. Magic has remained a passion all through my life, and I publish books about the science and history of magic.

The Horizon of Reason combines all my passions into one focused outlet.