Horizon of Reason Topics and Tags: Culture, Science and Magic

This blog covers various topics and draws inspiration from the humanities, the sciences and the art of theatrical magic.

Identity: We are not who we are
In a postmodern world people are tasked with crafting their identity in absence of social structures. These article discuss our web of social identity that we weave as we live our lives.

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Anthropology: Learning from Cultural Diversity
Human cultures show a remarkable diversity. These articles provide insights into unusual aspects of humanity.

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Art: Expressing the Non-Rational
Art is more than a representation of nature. Works of art from various cultures hide inner meaning aout the nature of reality.

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Capitalism: The Alluring Deception
Capitalism is the driving force of twentyfirst-century humanity. How does capitalism drive human behaviour and what are its limits?

4 articles

Deviance: The Scourge of Normality
We live in a society that celebrates normality. What can we learn from people who deviate from the norm?

6 articles

Engineering: Reflections on the Constructed World
Engineering is dominated by the STEM subjects. How can we enhance engineering with the humanities and the arts?

3 articles

History: Can We Know the Past?
History will always repeat itself. If that is the case, what can we know about the past?

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Illusions: The World Is Not As It Seems
We seem to perceive the world as it is. Optical and other illusions teach us tat this is not always the case.

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