Horizon of Reason

Welcome to The Horizon of Reason, a monthly blog about the limits of rationality. In the era of post-truth, fake news and conspiracy theories, the Horizon of Reason explores the ethereal regions between the logical and illogical and investigates the fertile grounds between rationality and irrationality.

Hi, I am Dr Peter Prevos, a social scientist and civil engineer who dabbles in magic.

Thought-provoking, playfully intellectual, rogue ideas.

The Horizon of Reason doesn’t attempt to debunk the irrational. Using rational arguments to convince people that the earth is round, or that aliens did not build the pyramids, is a fool’s errand. It is much more interesting to understand why people think and act the way they do than to try to change their mind.

Written in a playfully intellectual style with a satirical flair, the Horizon of Reason shows how deception and non-rational behaviour form the foundation of our experience of the world.