Where is the Easter Bunny? is a geometric Easter magic trick by Martin Gardner. Create your own Easter magic trick with this updated version.

Where is the Easter Bunny?

Peter Prevos

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The Easter holidays are a magical time for children, so why not show them an Easter magic trick?

The Easter Bunny's relationship with eggs is puzzling. Perhaps in an imaginary universe, rabbits are monotremes, mammals that lay eggs. The Australian Platypus and Echidna are two extant species. Another possible solution is that we are dealing with the famous duck-rabbit illusion and should be talking about an Easter Duck!

Leaving mythology and zoology aside, the Easter bunny is a perfect topic for a magic trick, as rabbits and magicians share a long history.

Martin Gardner designed a magical puzzle involving rabbits and an Easter egg. Gardner first published the design in Parents Magazine and the magic magazine The Phoenix in 1952. The drawing also appeared in the seminal Mathematics, Magic and Mystery (1956).

Eleven rabbits are in the first picture. But an astonishing transformation occurs if you exchange the positions of rectangles A and B (click on the chevron to see the second version). An easter egg appears in the image, and one of the bunnies vanishes without a trace! Where does the bunny go? Which of the eleven rabbits is the one that disappears?

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Original Martin Gardner design (1952). Click on the chevrons to see the two configurations.

Creating this Easter Magic Trick

Print this image and cut along the straight lines to create this magical puzzle. I have worked with an anonymous graphic designer on Fiverr to improve the graphics and add some colour. You can purchase a high-resolution version from Lybrary.com.

Vanishing Easter Bunny

Vanishing Easter Bunny

A new design for an old geometric vanish. Eleven bunnies change into ten bunnies and an Easter egg by merely switching the order of two pieces of cardboard. The PDF includes the design. Print on paper or cardboard and cut out the three pieces to perform this little miracle.

Where did the Easter Bunny go?
Demonstration of the Vanashing Easter Bunny.

A Treatise on Geometric Vanishes

This magic tricks is a geometric vanish and a version of the missing area paradox. If you like to know everything there is to know about the history, mathematics and performance of Geometric Vanishes, then you need to read Paradoxes of Size: A Treatise on Geometric Vanishes.

Paradoxes of Size: A Treatise on Geometric Vanishes

Paradoxes of Size: A Treatise on Geometric Vanishes

This book discusses the history and principles of the three types of geometric vanishes: The Vanishing Leprechaun, the Curry Paradox and the Tangram Paradox.

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