Illusions: The World Is Not As It Seems

Perform Optical Illusions as Magic Tricks
Our mind deceives itself in how it interprets the world. This article shows how to use optical illusions as magic tricks.
Where is the Easter Bunny?
Where is the Easter Bunny? is a geometric Easter magic trick by Martin Gardner. Create your own Easter magic trick with this updated version.
Paradoxes of Size: A Treatise on Geometric Vanishes
Paradoxes of Size is an ebook that discusses the mathematical principles of geometric vanishes and how to perform them as a magic trick.
The Greatest Wall: Magic with the Tangram Paradox
Walls are not impenetrable border. Humans will always find a way around the walls. The Greatest Wall applies the tangram paradox to perform a magic trick.
Optical Illusion Architecture in Melbourne
Optical illusion architecture in Melbourne by ARM architects: The Barak Building in Carlton, the customs building in Docklands and the Southbank Theatre.
Gonzinta Box Construction Kit: Create Your Own Gozinta Boxes
Create your own Gozinta Boxes with this construction kit, two pieces of paper, a knife and some glue.
Afghan Zipper: Topological magic with Haberdashery
A zipper is turned into a loop an unzipped. Each time this is done, the outcome is different. The Afghan Zipper applies the Möbius Strip principle.
The Möbius Strip in Magic: A Treatise on the Afghan Bands
Magicians use the Möbius Strip to perform magic, also known as the Afghan Bands. This ebook describes the principles, history and performance this topological trick.