Art: Expressing the Non Rational

The Art of Deception: Magic Theatre as an Art Form
Magic is generaly not seen as a form of art like the other types of theatre. This essay discusses magic theatre as an art form.
Aboriginal Art Symbols in Central Australian Dot Paintings
Central-Australian aboriginal art symbols tell a complex story about the relationship between the people, their culture and their land
Optical Illusion Architecture in Melbourne
Optical illusion architecture in Melbourne by ARM architects: The Barak Building in Carlton, the customs building in Docklands and the Southbank Theatre.
Sand Drawings in Vanuatu: Layers of Meaning in Sandroings
The people of Vanuatu create fascinating sand drawings or 'sandroing'. This article discusses their creation, purpose and deeper meaning.
The Meaning of Aboriginal Art: Namarrgon by Joshua Bangarr
Traditional Aboriginal art is a popular keepsake for toursist. This article describes the levels of meaning of Aboriginal art.