Anthropology: Learning from Cultural Diversity

The Praise of Folly: The Philosophy of Carnaval in Limburg
Every year, the Southern province of Limburg in the Netherlands celebrates Carnaval. What are the philosophical underpinnings of Carnaval in Limburg?
Kinship analysis for a Dutch hamlet of Heugem in 1796
This article analyses the kinship structures in the Dutch hamlet of Heugem in 1796. The kinship analysis uses a social network to visualise relationships.
Friday the 13th: The Science of Paraskevidekatriaphobia
Why is Friday the 13th considered to be unlucky? What is paraskevidekatriaphobia and on what do scientists say about this auspicious day?
Aboriginal Art Symbols in Central Australian Dot Paintings
Central-Australian aboriginal art symbols tell a complex story about the relationship between the people, their culture and their land
Water Temples in Bali: Merging Religion and Science
Water temples in Bali combine rational engineering with non-rational religion to manage the complex irrigation system that feed the famous sawahs.
Sand Drawings in Vanuatu: Layers of Meaning in Sandroings
The people of Vanuatu create fascinating sand drawings or 'sandroing'. This article discusses their creation, purpose and deeper meaning.
Perspectives on Magic: Scientific Views of Theatrical Magic
Scientist and professionals from many fields of endeavour study magiciand and their performances. Perspectives on Magic discusses their work and what we can learn from magic.
The Meaning of Aboriginal Art: Namarrgon by Joshua Bangarr
Traditional Aboriginal art is a popular keepsake for toursist. This article describes the levels of meaning of Aboriginal art.