Philosophy: Thinking About Thinking

Life Lessons from Magicians: The Magic of Not Giving a Fuck
Valuable life lessons from magicians and the importance of Not Giving a Fuck. Some wise words from the 2017 New Zealand Magic Convention.
Management Philosophy: Exposing the Manager’s New Clothes
Management philosophy contains some of the most influential ideas of the 20th century. This article explores the philosophy of management.
Don't Gaze into the Abyss: Philosophical Base Jumping
Friedrich Nietzsche: "if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee." What does gaze into the abyss mean?
Prince and the Purple Banana: Meaning of Let’s Go Crazy!
"Let's look for the purple banana till they put us in the truck", Prince sang in his 1984 his song Lets go Crazy. We all sing along, but what does it mean?
Pi Approximation Day: Esoteric Secrets of the Number Pi
Happy Pi Approximation Day! Do the digits of Pi have a deeper transcendental meaning or is Pi is only a construct of the mind? What are the secrets of Pi?
Is there life after death? Christian and Epicurean views
Longing for life after death, in which life will finally be given meaning is a denial of our earthly lives. Life only has meaning because it actually ends.
Religion and Philosophy as Metaphysical Hot-Air Balloons
In this essay we review religion and philosophy as vehicles for meaning and show that religion is a metaphysical hot-air balloon.
Dangerous Philosophy: Meaning of Life and William Joske
Dangerous philosophy makes us believe that life has meaning. This paper summarises William Joske's view on this question.