Deviance: The Scourge of Normality

Life Lessons from Magicians: The Magic of Not Giving a Fuck
Valuable life lessons from magicians and the importance of Not Giving a Fuck. Some wise words from the 2017 New Zealand Magic Convention.
The Praise of Folly: The Philosophy of Carnaval in Limburg
Every year, the Southern province of Limburg in the Netherlands celebrates Carnaval. What are the philosophical underpinnings of Carnaval in Limburg?
Prince and the Purple Banana: Meaning of Let’s Go Crazy!
"Let's look for the purple banana till they put us in the truck", Prince sang in his 1984 his song Lets go Crazy. We all sing along, but what does it mean?
Pornography Art and the Commodification of Sexual Desire
Pornography has been part of human culture for millenia. Studying pornography art helps to leanr about the culture that produces it.
Insight Adult Bookshop in Bendigo - Marketing Pornography
Sociological and semiological analysis of the former Insight adult bookshop in Bendigo.
The Influence of Mental Disorders on Personal Identity
People who behave significantly different from the norm are labelled with mental disorders - how does this influence their sense of personal identity?