Philosophy: Thinking About Thinking

Descartes Sceptical Challenge and the foundation of knowledge?
Can Descartes slay the malicious demon he hypothesises in his famous doubt thought experiment?
Does God Exist? A review of Descartes' Ontological Argument
The ontological argument is a philosophical proof of the existence of God. This article reviews the merits of Descrates' arguments
Descartes and his Cogito Ergo Sum: Can we know our selves?
Should Descartes' adagio "cogito ergo sum" be interpreted as an intuition instead of an inference? What does this mean for our ability to know our selves?
The Self in Indian Philosophy: Hindu, Buddhist and Carvaka views
Discussion of theories of the self in Indian philosophy, comparing the Hindu, Buddhist, materialist Charvaka and contemporary views.
A Persistent Self? Some Perspectives from Mimamsa Philosophy
Is our self eternal and will it persist after death? This essay compares the Mimamsa view of this with Buddhist solutions.
Karma, Dharma and Moksha: Interpreting Indian philosophy
Can we disassociate karma from its commitment to transmigration and rebirth without loss in its moral appeal? This essay discusses the relationship between kama, dharma and moksha.