Identity: We are not who we are

From Chicago to Frankfurt: Goffman and Marcuse on Identity
This essay discusses the positions of Goffman and Marcuse on Identity. Although there are differences, Goffman's and Marcuse's accounts of identity are complementary.
The Influence of Mental Disorders on Personal Identity
People who behave significantly different from the norm are labelled with mental disorders - how does this influence their sense of personal identity?
The Web of Cultural Identity: How we are who we are
This paper argues that our identity and social structure are in a symbiosis, continuously feeding upon each other in a web of cultural identity.
The Self in Indian Philosophy: Hindu, Buddhist and Carvaka views
Discussion of theories of the self in Indian philosophy, comparing the Hindu, Buddhist, materialist Charvaka and contemporary views.
The Social Importance of Rites of Passage and Initiations
Rites of passage are performed on special occasions and mainly deal with entering a new stage of life. What is the meaning of rites of passage?