Culture and the Horizon of Reason

Sand Drawings in Vanuatu: Layers of Meaning in Sandroings
The people of Vanuatu create fascinating sand drawings or 'sandroing'. This article discusses their creation, purpose and deeper meaning.
Prince and the Purple Banana: Meaning of Let’s Go Crazy!
"Let's look for the purple banana till they put us in the truck", Prince sang in his 1984 his song Lets go Crazy. We all sing along, but what does it mean?
The Meaning of Aboriginal Art: Namarrgon by Joshua Bangarr
Traditional Aboriginal art is a popular keepsake for toursist. This article describes the levels of meaning of Aboriginal art.
Pornography Art and the Commodification of Sexual Desire
Pornography has been part of human culture for millenia. Studying pornography art helps to leanr about the culture that produces it.
Insight Adult Bookshop in Bendigo - Marketing Pornography
Sociological and semiological analysis of the former Insight adult bookshop in Bendigo.
From Chicago to Frankfurt: Goffman and Marcuse on Identity
This essay discusses the positions of Goffman and Marcuse on Identity. Although there are differences, Goffman's and Marcuse's accounts of identity are complementary.
Is there life after death? Christian and Epicurean views
Longing for life after death, in which life will finally be given meaning is a denial of our earthly lives. Life only has meaning because it actually ends.
Religion and Philosophy as Metaphysical Hot-Air Balloons
In this essay we review religion and philosophy as vehicles for meaning and show that religion is a metaphysical hot-air balloon.